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...Questions, answers and other cool things you may want to know more about.

What kind of design styles can I do?

I can work on any style, women and men designs, edgy, funny, street-wear, urban wear, sportswear, kids designs, modern, vintage, hipster etc... just let me know what you need and I'll work on some ideas for you and if I'll be on the right track, we can move on from there.

What kind of computer software do I use?

Most of the time, Illustrator and Photoshop, if needed, I can use Corel or Freehand.

Do I use a graphic tablet, or draw by hand?

I have Cintiq tablets, I will surely use them if the design require.
I can draw by hand as well if needed, many designs were made with mixed techniques.

Will you send me the original files?

Of course I will.

For those of you which are not familiar with the process, here it is described in a few steps.

After I'll receive your instructions, I'll start to work on a couple of ideas.
When a design gets approved, I will e-mail you the original files

But, what is an "original" file? ... well, the initial files that I'll send, will all be .JPG previews,
what this means, is, that you will be able just to view the design but you won't be able to
edit it or make changes to it,

It's not possible to print from a low resolution JPG onto a t-shirt, that's why you will have to send to your printing co. the "original" files, which can be opened in an app. such as Illustrator,
they can then proceed to print your t-shirts.

What kind of file types will I send for the original files needed for printing?

For vector designs (which I do most of the time), I will send Illustrator ,.ai files.
For raster designs (such as a photorealistic design) I will send a high resolution PSD file.
And everything will work great and your printer will love me.

If needed, I can send the original files in other computer formats as well, such as:
high Resolution TIFF's , PNG's or PDF files, Cored Draw, .cdr or Freehand and even more,
but this are pretty much the standards.

What if I need changes on some designs, will you charge more?

No, I won't. I don't charge anything for design changes, it's on the house, I really want to show
a design which you will like, I think it's normal this way.
Can I work with Pantone colors

When necessary yes.

For screen-printing you should use Pantone
Coated or Uncoated swatches, or even better Pantone TP (Textile Pantone) which is the industry standard.

Keep in mind that what you see on the screen may vary from the actual ink color.

I have my display color calibrated but chances are that your screen is set to "factory default" which works great for everyday use but the colors may be to strong.

If you want to do a quick calibration on your screen without a calibration tool you can use these images [image1] [image2] [image3] [image4]

Take a look at the pictures and try to adjust your display settings so the colors you'll see
on your screen will accurately display a real life scenery.

Do I have any knowledge about t-shirt printing?

Yes, a lot actually!

I own a small screen printing company and I know everything about the process.
I can do also the color separations, for vector or raster images (i.e. photos)

Can I vectorize and restore low quality designs?

Yes, you can see a few examples [here].
But you will find more recent and better ones while browsing my portfolio.

How much does a t-shirt design cost?

It's impossible to have one price to fit all the design styles.
Please contact me with a few details about the designs you want and I'll get back to you with a fair quote.

About the designs copyrights?

All the rights for the approved designs are transferred to you upon payment.

How can you pay me?

I accept PayPal or wire transfer.

What if I'll lose the original files?

Worry not, I will send them again to you.

Do I have a backup of the files?

Yes, all the files are very well kept, including backups on more locations.
None of my files are stored in a cloud system, all are saved on hardware which I personally own.

Why is the website so simple?

Because I like simple yet functional things and I expect from my website to load the content
fast and to give you quick access to essential information that you have probably searched for  and not to waste your time waiting for things to load.

About Artworx Studios brand?

I am not affiliated with any other websites which use the name "Artworx" or "Artworx-Studios"
This is my only website, I made this website in 2004 and since then, a few other websites
appeared with a similar name, I assume it's a coincidence.

Where am I located?

I live in Europe, in Arad city, Romania country, near the Hungarian border.

If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me.

Thank You!
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