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Apparel And T-shirt Design Portfolio.

On this page you can view a few of the designs that I've made since 2004 to present.
Free to browse all the categories below to get a feeling about my work.

Although the page isn't update too often I am still here and still doing t-shirt designs, after
so many years in this business I must say that I am quite busy all the time, I won't say no to any new project but please bare in mind that I might need about a week on average until I can show you any new designs.

My website still looks like we are in the 90's (I know) but the truth is that I use it as a simple
portfolio page and hopefully it'll do the job. I may do some slight changes to it so it fits
better on mobile devices but I have no spare time for that in the near future, but it's on my list.

I will try to post some updates, but nothing is really changed, I'm still doing t-shirt designs,
same like when I started in 2004, but hopefully the new ones are a little better as I always try to
do things better and I'm that kind of person that I'm never fully satisfied  with my work.

If by any means I will not do t-shirt designs anymore I will post a notice on my website, but so
far it's not the case and if all goes well and life will treat me good I actually plan to do even more
designs with God's will.

Thank you!

 T-shirt Designs 2017  

 2017ish T-shirt designs.
Hopefully ... I will find some spare time anytime soon to update my portfolio and to add the
missing parts. I have tons of designs, I'll try to select a few from them and to post them below.
 T-shirt designs 2011  

 2011 T-shirt designs.
 Designs 2010  

 T-shirt Designs Designs (Allover Huge Prints)

 Recent Designs (Front Chest Prints And Other Styles).
 Tee Designs 2009    

 T-shirt Designs Made For Various Clients.
 ARCHIVE - 2008    

 T-shirt Designs That I've created In Various Styles.
 ARCHIVE 007...2007    

 T-shirt Designs, 2006-2007.
 ARCHIVE - 2006    

 Various designs from 2005 - 2006.
 ARCHIVE - 2005    

 Various New Designs (Last Season of 2005)

 Designs for Dashboard Confessional Salvador & Mutemath

Hillbilly, FIT, Style Revolution, Blond Brand Beauty, Etc...

 Designs Made For Maui Silk Graphics (Surf Graphics)

Tee Designs Which I've Made Around February.

Tee Designs I've Made For Various Clients
 ARCHIVE - 2004    

 Designs I made for George Clinton brand, PFUNK.

 Urban Skate Style Designs (Mathmadeks).

 Maui -Silk Graphics (Beach Flavor Designs).

 Funny T-shirt Designs,  50's Era, Vintage, Retro. 

Various apparel designs 2004.

Various fashion designs 2004.

 Design reconstruction (Old).

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